The Chain Letter

Everyone has received one, and if you haven’t—where have you been?? They’re annoying, they’re threatening, and at their worst, they’re scary.   CHAIN MAIL.     The purpose of chain mail, or chain letters, is to get the recipient to make… Read More ›

Don’t Go in the…

The basement. The attic. The garage. That bedroom on the second floor your family only uses for storage. Spaces like these are a horror writers’ dream. They’re often poorly lit and cobweb-filled, populated with artifacts from your family’s past, or… Read More ›

Personal Demons

Guys, I’m going to get very personal with all of you. It might be uncomfortable. That’s okay. That’s part of the point of horror. So often we write and enjoy other forms of horror to escape the reality of our… Read More ›

What Makes Me Scream

As other Scream Queens have mentioned, horror can be incredibly subjective. What sets one person hiding behind the couch is a big ol’ shrug for someone else. Trap a character in a coffin and start shoveling dirt over them, and… Read More ›

Vampires Suck

I love a good vampire book. Two of the first books in my vampire library were BUNNICULA and THE LITTLE VAMPIRE. While neither is a particularly scary read for children, they cut my teeth, er, introduced me to our fanged… Read More ›

Happy New Year!

First and foremost: Next, a brief message to the readers from the Absentee Lady of the House.  The last few months have seen a lot of things come down the pipe for the Scream Queens – not all of it… Read More ›