Scream Queen |skrēm kwēn| nounSQ

1. female actress known for appearing in horror films.

2. female writer known for penning horror and thriller novels.

The YA Scream Queens are writers with a singular passion: to capture the macabre on the page in all its manifestations. We are horror writers in every stage of the publication process, from published to pre-published, getting together to dish about all our favorite things: horror books both contemporary and classic, movies, and television shows; haunted history and landscapes; urban legends, Grimm tales, serial killers, and monsters galore.

Follow us if you dare . . . We promise not to bite.



***Official feature policy***

At this time, we are not taking unsolicited requests for interviews, guest posts, or reviews unless you personally know or are acquainted with the YA Scream Queens. The reviews and authors featured thus far have been friends, critique partners, writerly acquaintances, or books we have simply enjoyed and screamed about. This has everything to do with our own busy schedules and not being able to fairly devote enough time to all the requests that come to us.


2 replies

  1. Hi,

    Do you take feature requests from publicists/agents? Love the look, by the way. Tres creepy.

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