CONTEST: Who Killed the YA Scream Queens? Suspect: Whitney Miller

We all know how hypnotic the lights of Las Vegas can be. So razzle-dazzle in their glow. Maybe it was the glitz and glamour that made Whitney Miller, author of the YA horror novel THE VIOLET HOUR, start screaming wildly while taking turns at the slot machines. It wasn’t that odd a sight–after all, LOTS of YA authors were recently in Las Vegas for a big convention. However, it was the startling testimony relating to the recent YA Scream Queen slayings that stunned those in attendance. A transcript of what she said follows:


JUST BECAUSE an author writes books about GOUGING OUT EYEBALLS and making a few tiny characters SPEW BUCKETS OF BLOOD, all of a sudden it’s like, “Oh hey, she must be a murderer.” GAH.


Why would I kill a YA Scream Queen? What possible motive would I have?


The fact that they’re all amazing authors and I’m insanely jealous of their talent? The fact that they’re all so nice that they make the perfect unsuspecting targets? The documented fact that I have impulse control issues?  HEH, NO. DON’T THINK SO.


JUST BECAUSE I enjoy scrambling around on rooftops, sometimes walk around gardens holding sharpened driftwood, occasionally lurk in someone’s mug of morning coffee, perform the odd exorcism for spare cash, spend some nights paddling down the creepy locks on an inflatable raft, have been seen around town with a boy wearing a mad hat, enjoy a stroll in the creepy woods as much as the next gal, once entered someone’s dreams in service of an insistent demon, and have always been fascinated by contortionists, that doesn’t make me a murderer. THAT IS JUST CALLED NORMAL LIFE. GOSH.


Ok, ok. I’ll stop yelling. I’m calm. It’s cool. There’s nothing to see here. You should probably move along. I suggest you check out Kate Karyus Quinn. I don’t want to point fingers but we were on a panel at the Vegas Valley Book Festival together last weekend and she was bragging about how she “totally slaughtered the YASQ’s,” whatever THAT means. I’m 100% sure she did it—but don’t tell her I told you that, I want to stay friends with her on Twitter.


Cute as a button, cold as a killer?

Cute as a button, cold as a killer?


Hmm…does Whitney have something to hide? What do you think?

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