CONTEST: Who Killed the YA Scream Queens? RIP, Dawn

There was a cool



in the air. And a strange, mildew smell. Rising damp? Dawn wondered. After all, her house was pretty old. And being in the wilds of Wales did nothing to help. Rain lashed at the stonework almost all year round.




That didn’t explain the feeling. The feeling that something

                                                                                                        was watching her. Watching her walk from empty room to empty room. Watching the hairs rise on her arms. Watching as she turned, eyes wide like yawning mouths, and saw…




Dawn couldn’t scream.

Dawn couldn’t move.

Dawn could only watch.

As the thing de



itself from the ceiling and pounced.



Draft 5

The dark held a package of flesh and bone….


Draft 6

Revealed in the light as a Dawn-parcel! Why so bent out of shape?



Dawn’s death can’t be explained, but you, dear reader, might have a clue… who…. wrapped up Dawn so neat and tidy.

Wait for our suspects to post their testimonies and then we’ll see who can solve the mystery. Which authors killed the YA Scream Queens!


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