CONTEST: Who Killed the YA Scream Queens? RIP, Jenn

YA Scream Queen Jenn didn’t pay enough attention to the horror movies she’d seen. If she had, she would’ve known not to wander into the creepy woods alone. Sadly, after many months trapped in the drafting and revision cave, she was just desperate enough for fresh air to ignore her better judgment–a fatal mistake.

The seasons had changed while she’d been in the cave and Jenn stood blinking in the bright sunlight and feeling the cool autumn air on her skin. Her drafting/revising supply of Red Vines and Diet Coke hadn’t provided enough sustenance to keep her strength up and she felt weak. When she sat to rest on an old, rotting tree trunk, she was completely vulnerable and woefully unprepared to face her foe.

That’s where her killer pounced. Even Jenn’s fiery red hair couldn’t save her from being frozen–head to toe. Now she is as cold-blooded as her killer.

Jenn will never write another creepy word again.

More importantly, Coca Cola immediately entered a company-wide state of mourning and have prepared their board members for the abrupt and devastating down-turn in profits.


Brrrrrrrrrr…so c-c-cold.

All this devastation and her killer may get away with it…unless YOU do something to help.

Keep watch to find out which YA Scream Queen meets her maker next, and then wait for our suspects to post their testimonies. Only you can solve which authors killed the YA Scream Queens!

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