CONTEST: Who Killed the YA Scream Queens? RIP, Courtney

We’re all mad here . . .

Courtney’s grimdark Wonderland Tea Party was in full swing when the boy dressed as the Mad Hatter showed up. At first the guests clapped and thought his appearance was a part of the spectacle, this Hatter who could hypnotize you completely with a small cut from his knife. After all, Courtney was widely known for sparing no expense in throwing lavish, bookish parties for her author friends. But despite the guests dressed in their gothic Wonderland finery, heart-shaped cakes that bled a cherry glaze when you cut into them, the Jabberwocky ice sculptures, and wide-eyed cats cackling in the trees overhead, the boy seemed almost . . . too strange

He worked his way up the table, playing a dangerous game of truth or dare. “We’re all mad here,” he said as guests revealed their darkest secrets and fears in Broadway-styled song; made out with the icy Jabberwocky or each other; or danced on the table, crushing teacups and splattering their hemlines with cake.

Courtney’s turn came last. He pricked her arm with the knife, allowing a bead of blood to well from her skin; then he pressed the knife into her palm.

Courtney slit her wrists in front of twenty of her closest friends while they danced and sang. By the time everyone came to their senses, the boy had disappeared . . . and Courtney lay dead on the floor.

Dead CourtneyCourtney’s death is currently being ruled as a suicide, but you, dear reader, know better . . . now don’t you?

Keep watch to find out which YA Scream Queen meets her maker next, and then wait for our suspects to post their testimonies. Only you can solve which authors killed the YA Scream Queens!

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