CONTEST: Who Killed the YA Scream Queens? RIP, Hillary

There were problems with Hillary. No one suspected at first. The circles under her eyes, the muttering of swear words under her breath. She was an author under deadline after all.

It wasn’t until she crabwalked down the stairs and her eyes went solid black that they knew her author’s soul had become possessed by a demon most foul. It wasn’t pretty. So they called in an expert, someone who knew the rules of demonic possession.

They should have requested an old priest and a young priest.

They didn’t.


The weaspon...

The weaspon…

A killer with an exorcism kit was loosed upon Hillary and as Hillary gnashed her teeth and snarled from her bed, her killer leaned close and whispered, “They’ll think something went wrong. Be gone, Hillary.”

Oh, Hillary, why so blue?

Oh, Hillary, why so blue?

And Hillary was no more.

 Keep watch to find out which YA Scream Queen meets her maker next, and then wait for our suspects to post their testimonies. Only you can solve which authors killed the YA Scream Queens!

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