CONTEST: Who Killed the YA Scream Queens? RIP, Sarah

YA Scream Queen Sarah didn’t listen to the cardinal rule of horror: Don’t investigate strange sounds. She heard something land on the roof. It was all winged and banging on her chimney. Probably another crow, she assumed. Or that pterodactyl that sometimes tapdances on the roof. Either way, it was very loud.

At first, she tried to ignore the clatter, but the racket was so persistent and so disturbing to Sarah’s three hellhounds that, after a time, she made her fatal error.

She went outside to check out the noise.

Her killer swooped down from the roof, knocking Sarah to the ground. “To think you call yourself a horror author,” her killer said, laughing, and promptly turned Sarah to stone.


Poor, poor Sarah.

Poor, poor Sarah.


Well, at least she makes a fine statue for the garden now.

 Keep watch to find out which YA Scream Queen meets her maker next, and then wait for our suspects to post their testimonies. Only you can solve which authors killed the YA Scream Queens!

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  1. Oh, no, Sarah!!!


  1. CONTEST: Who Killed the YA Scream Queens? Solve the Case! |

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