Giveaway: Everything’s More Interesting With Horror by Whitney Miller (THE VIOLET HOUR)

To kick off our return from summer vacation, we bring you a guest post from YA horror authoress Whitney Miller.  Whitney’s debut THE VIOLET HOUR is chilling and it will be followed up next year with its sequel, THE CRIMSON GATE.




crimson gate



The voice inside me is breaking free. I can’t stop it.

Some call VisionCrest the pinnacle of religious enlightenment. Others call it a powerful cult. For seventeen years, Harlow Wintergreen has called it her life.

As the daughter of VisionCrest’s patriarch, Harlow is expected to be perfect at all times. She must be considered a paragon of integrity by the other Ministry teens and a future leader in the eyes of the world.

Despite the constant scrutiny Harlow is keeping a dark and dangerous secret, even from her best friend and the boy she loves. She hears a voice in her head that seems to have a mind of its own, plaguing her with violent and bloody visions. It commands her to kill. And the urge to obey is getting harder and harder to control ….

“Miller’s debut (which is not without a sense of humor) comes out of nowhere, packed with wild gore, unusual settings, and characters way off the YA beaten path…wow, what will Miller do next?” – Daniel Kraus, Booklist

So without further adieu, I’ll let Whitney take it from here.


People always ask what compels me to write horror…normally with the same scandalized inflection used to ask a serial killer what compels him to freeze human heads.


Maybe I’m biased (nahhhh), but I have to say this is the reason: everything’s more interesting with horror. Everything. Well, everything fictional anyway.


I’m guessing I don’t need to convince you, considering you’re well…reading this website. But let’s examine the evidence.


Act of charity? Better with horror.


Creepy Dolls 'R' Us

Creepy Dolls ‘R’ Us



Cross-country roadtrip? Better with horror.


Carol Anne, time to turn off the TV and come to dinner.

Carol Anne, time to turn off the TV and come to dinner.


Amusement park? Better with horror.


Happiest place on earth, question mark?

Happiest place on earth, question mark?


Movie Trailers? My current favorite YouTube pastime is watching classic films reimagined as horror trailers. These are most definitely better with horror.


The Sound of Music – If you ask me, Captain von Trapp was one pull-up away from going American Psycho. Or Austrian Psycho. Whatever.


Willy Wonka – This movie gave me nightmares as a child. I’m actually not sure this is a recut trailer. It might be the original. In fact, all Roald Dahl books are horror books – am I wrong?


Mean Girls – An all-time favorite just got favoriter. (I’m allowed to make up words, I’m a writer.)


And the absolute best one of all, flipping the script and re-imagining horror as a wholesome family film:


IT – Hilarious, but that shizz is most definitely better with horror.


So, yeah. That’s why I write horror. Without it, my novel THE VIOLET HOUR would be about a girl who hears a murderous voice in her head that commands her to eat cupcakes and ride ponies. And nobody wants that. Nobody.




About Whitney A. Miller

Whitney is a YA horror writer who lives in San Francisco. Her debut novel THE VIOLET HOUR is about a girl who eats no cupcakes and rides no ponies. Its sequel THE CRIMSON GATE is coming March 2015 from Flux.


Whitney’s being super awesome and offering up a giveaway of a signed copy of THE VIOLET HOUR! For a chance to win, leave a comment and follow the link below to our Rafflecopter! This contest goes until September 4, 2014!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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8 replies

  1. Can’t wait to read THE VIOLET HOUR!

  2. Eating no cupcakes and riding no ponies is no way to live. 😉 So nice to see you here, Whitney!

  3. Tell us what you think is more interesting with horror
    I’d have to say being stuck/locked in the Botanical Gardens after hours when all the lights are shut off

  4. Tell us what you think is more interesting with horror
    I’d say being locked in over night at the Botanical Gardens would be somewhat creepy

  5. Every theme park always is more awesome with horror! I used to go to King’s Island at Halloween because it was the best to be in an amusement after dark knowing that there were tons of “surprises” waiting for us wherever we walked.

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