It’s Urban Legend Time: “Faithful Dog”

When I was a kid, we were addicted to urban legends. I have so many stored in my gray matter I could probably write a book of them (maybe I will!). One of my favorites was when I was about ten, and it goes a little something like this . . .


Once upon a time, there was a young girl called Jenny who loved her dog very much.



Seeking some independence, and wanting to make her parents proud, she told them that she would stay at home alone while they went out for their Anniversary dinner. “It’s okay,” she assured them. “Izzy is here with me.” Reluctantly, they kissed her goodbye, told her to be in bed by ten, and to lock the door behind them. Grinning, she agreed. 


Lock the door


That night, Jenny was awoken by a constant dripping sound. She climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom to close the tap more firmly, and then returned to bed. She slipped her hand under the bed and felt reassured when Izzy licked her hand. “Good girl,” she murmured, and went to sleep.



But the dripping continued, and so Jenny went down to the kitchen to secure the taps there too. When she returned, she again hung her hand over the end of the bed, and Izzy licked it reassuringly. But again, the dripping continued. Frustrated, she climbed out of bed and listened.


Drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . 


The dripping was coming from the closet. 




Frowning, Jenny went over and pulled open the doors, only to discover her lovely dog, Izzy, decapitated and hanging upside down, and from the gaping neck wound, blood drip, drip, dripping. Above Izzy, written on the wardrobe mirror in blood, the words:



And then the bed curtains began to move.

That one used to get me every time! While scouting around I found this little short film inspired by the Faithful Dog/Humans Can Lick Too story. Enjoy!

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2 replies

  1. I have never head this story, but damn, that was creepy.

  2. I absolutely adored it when I was a child!!

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