Some Creepy Awesome Covers in YA

Some Creepy Awesome Covers in YA

Covers in Young Adult literature are getting darker and more creepy, and I LOVE this. I think YA publishers are realizing that there is a need in the market for dark and creepy thrillers/horror. This fills me with glee, and because today is my cover reveal for one of my own creepy covers, I thought it was a good time to look at some of the other awesome covers out there.

ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD by Kendare Blake is one of my favorites. Between the hair, the blood on the dress and the uber scary house in the background, this is a perfect example of why these covers rock. Girl in a Pretty Dress covers are a little over done in YA…but Ghost Girl in a bloody Dress covers? Not so much.
















ROT & RUIN is a really cool cover because it gives off a scary vibe through the simple use of color and human expression. The widened eye along with the vivid color in the eye and skin around it…which contrasts with the deathly pallor of the rest of the face is a powerful combination. It conveys one message, zombies and fear. It’s simple, striking and amazingly well done.
















POSSESS is also a different take on scary. It takes two natural things, tree-branches and a girl’s face, and combines them to create a very creepy effect. I also love the way the typeface makes the “S”s in the title look a little more slanted than the rest of it. That also adds to the vibe of the cover.


MISS PEREGRINE’S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN uses a lot of the previously mentioned techniques. The coloring of the black and white adds to the image of the girl to make it very creepy. Then add in the clothing the girl wears which is obviously not modern and the creepy font. With all that combined…this cover makes you afraid to look away…like the girl might come out and get you.


Now, last, but certainly not least, a couple of covers from myself and my fellow YA Scream Queens.

First, the recently revealed, MARY by our own Hillary Monahan.



CREED by Trisha Leaver and Lindsay Currie


With an upcoming release in just over 5 weeks, PARANOIA by me, J.R. Johansson



And if you’d like to see my new cover for CUT ME FREE which reveals TODAY, it’s on right now. Go check it out and enter to win signed books!

What do you like to see in creepy covers? Which of those above is your favorite?

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3 replies

  1. You chose some great covers to display – especially Anna Dressed in Blood – one of my favs. I agree the girl in the pretty dress on YA covers is a bit overdone – getting hard to tell some of the books apart.

  2. Love these. My “to read” list just got longer.

  3. I love blurbs, but I think I love cover art even more. I fell in lover with the cover for “Anna Dressed in Blood” when first I saw it; then I fell in love with the novel!!
    Scholastic has some super-scary ARCs and covers newly out.
    Thanks for posting these.:)

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