Scary Images and My Horrible Pinterest

One thing that I love doing is collecting images and video clips that fire my inspiration. I do this for pretty much everything, but in particular, for horror. So today, I thought I’d share a few of the creepiest images I have found over the years. If you’d like to see all of my creeptastic images, then have a look at my horror Pinterest board.


Image 1: The Deceitful Reflection


I might be a little bit obsessed with mirrors and reflection, and the idea that someone or something other or else might be looking right back. *shudders*

Image 2: He’s My Friend


Creepy stalker man with no face! Also, young girl holding his hand. Very, very creepy.


Image 3: She Says I’m Crazy


This one plays into my obsession with the voices within. It was a big visual aid for the book that recently won me representation from The Greenhouse Literary Agency. What could be more intimate (and more alarming) than a voice in your head that is out of your control?


Image 4: What’s For Dinner?



Mmm, I’ll have a side of placenta, thanks.


Image 5: Look Mom, Walls!


This one doesn’t even need commentary. Just look at it for a moment. Look really hard.


Image 6: The Family Tree.



Not sure if this is ectoplasm or actual flesh-branches, but either way…. way to bond, family! This particular image has inspired a book all on it’s own!


Image 7: Little Murderers…



Don’t they look like they’re planning to peel your skin off while you sleep? Yeah, I thought so too.


Are you visually inspired? Do you collect weird and horrifying images, like me? What is it about aged photographs in particular that are so terrifying?


Stay safe (and happy Easter and Eostre, all!)


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  1. *Delighted squeal* I love collecting creepy images on Pinterest! I have #5 on one of my boards and it weirded the hell out of me when I saw it the first time. Still does! That family tree one is rather frightening as well. Well done!

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