Happy New Year!

First and foremost:



Next, a brief message to the readers from the Absentee Lady of the House.  The last few months have seen a lot of things come down the pipe for the Scream Queens – not all of it overwhelmingly pleasant.  Real life has a way of dropping drama in heaps (dribs and drabs would be much more polite.)  That being said, I wanted to pass along a quick thought for 2014 — to my other Scream Queens as well as our readers — let this year be good.  No, let it be great.  Let it blow all other years away with its sheer  awesome.  Let it be the year of hopes and dreams and happiness so concentrated, we spew tears from our eyes for all the right reasons.  Let there be good friends and oodles of family to snuggle.  Let 2014 take the burdens of 2013 and kick THE SNOT out of them behind the bleachers at school.

I want this year to be the best yet.  Not just for us SQs, but for everyone out there, too.  Take care of yourselves.  Cut yourselves some slack.  Then, when you’ve mastered the art of self-care, go fling some love at the world around you.  Let’s make it a banner year for kindness and goodness.  Not very Scream Queen-y, I know, but we’ll save the bats in the belfries, the goblins in the basement, and the Boogie Man for another day.  Or, if you’re around these parts, every other day of the year.  Today is for deciding to be better, to do better.  So that.  Let’s do that.

2014.  The year for BETTER.

Hillary out.

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