Cape Cod Haunts

Cape Cod is steeped in History. With houses dating back to the 1600’s and hidden sandbars that have foiled over 1000 ships between Chatham and Provincetown alone, our ghost were old before the haunts of Chicago and San Francisco were even conceived. At the epicenter of Cape Cod’s hauntings is Barnstable Village, a quintessential New England village tucked into the North Side of Cape Cod, and the Barnstable House.

Poised prominently on Route 6a (Old King’s Highway) this home has been seeped in pain and misery since its construction. Built in 1716 from one tree sailed over in three separate pieces, this house was the residence of James Paine. Constructed over an underground river, it gave the owners easy, indoor access to water and children a place to drown.  Lucy Paine, estimated to be about four at the time of her death, did just that. She fell through the basement opening that led to the underground river and drowned.  To this day, people still claim to see her apparition inviting them to come and play. Her favorite past time…playing ball.

Edward Howes, a subsequent owner who is rumored to have lost all of his money during the Revolutionary War, hung himself from one of the trees in the front yard rather than face the disgrace of bankruptcy. He now tends to stick to the upstairs attic, his ghostly figure sometimes seen staring out the small third floor windows.

Lastly, Dr. Samuel Savage is believed to have practiced Black Magic in the home. Perhaps it was his fascination with the occult that accidentally opened the space to the spirit world.

The building has since been used as a tavern and currently serves as office space for several local businesses. In all, the Barnstable House is home to eleven spirits who still actively engage the buildings occupants. Although our friendly, little girl ghost, Lucy, is known to travel between the Barnstable House and The Barnstable Tavern, trying lure living playmates into her antics!

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  1. There is something so creepy about this…! Reminds me of The Secret of Crickley Hall, which was an amazing read!

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