SCREAM QUEEN: Lindsay Currie

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

On most days, I wear so many different hats it makes my head spin. Mom, chef, chauffer, referee . . . with three kids, you name it and I do it. I live in Chicago, with my husband, kiddos and Bullmastiff, Sam.  I’m an avid tennis player and shoot a compound bow at targets for fun. I co-author psychological horror and thrillers.  Solo, I write contemporary romance with edge.   My debut YA psychological Horror, CREED (co-authored), is coming in Fall of 2014.

Why horror?

When I was around 9, I read a book called The Dollhouse Murders, by Betsy Ren Wright. It was the story of a young girl named Amy who visits her Aunt at a family home where she discovers an eerie old dollhouse in the attic – an exact replica of the one she’s staying in. Whenever Amy looks into it, the dolls representing her relatives have moved and strange noises – footsteps, thumping, etc. come from it at night. Terrifying, no? Let me tell you, this book had little Lindsay on the edge of her bed reading at night with every light on. It was scary, and horrifying, and WONDERFUL. From the moment heart went pitter patter with each changing page of that book, I was hooked on horror in one form or another. Fast forward 7 or 8 years and I was reading every Stephen King novel I could get my hands on, and driving through inclement weather in the middle of small town America to find a theater that was showing Scream (true story).

What horror scene stuck with you and why?

Ever read Stephen King’s novella The Langoliers? The opening scene where the man wakes up and all of the passengers on his flight have vanished – including the pilot – gave me the serious chills. I still think about it.  Sinister.

Are there any horror projects you’re looking forward to?

Ahhh, yes. I can’t wait to read Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep. I loved the Shining (all work and no play makes Lindsay a dull girl) and can’t wait to discover what’s become of poor, little Dan Torrence.

Are you writing horror currently, or will you be?

Yes and yes!  My current WIP is a co-authored historical fiction horror set in the late 1800’s.  My lips are sealed on the details, but the working title is SWEET MADNESS.

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2 replies

  1. So so happy to have you with us, Lindsay!! 😀

  2. Thank you! I’m so happy to be here with you frightfully delightful ladies!

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