The Scream Queens Slumber Party!

Happy Halloween and welcome to the first annual Scream Queens slumber party! As you can tell, this is a decadent affair.  Cat’s wearing a green exfoliating mask, Dawn’s painting Trisha’s toenails, and Sarah’s texting her boyfriend fifty-seven thousand times to tell him she misses him (don’t tell her husband.) Lauren and J.R. are in the bathroom playing Bloody Mary (because we know THAT’S a good idea), and Courtney’s putting Heather’s underwear in the freezer just because she can.

So wear your most comfortable pajamas, bring your favorite pillow, and get ready for some scary movies!

And popcorn.  And chocolate.  And wine because we’re all responsible adults over 21.

And someone take that goddamned phone away from Sarah because HOLY CRAP, PLEASE STOP TEXTING ALL NIGHT LONG OR I’M GOING TO BREAK YOUR THUMBS.


SQ! What Horror Movie Would You Screen At Our Party?


“Probably THE THING because scary John Carpenter that actually makes me laugh at some scenes but would freak out my friends. That and FRIGHT NIGHT because damn I love both those versions. But I would show classic first, obviously.”


ALIEN!  The setting is chilling, the monster’s to die for, and Ripley kicks ass! And the movie has the most perfect tagline ever: In space, no one can hear you scream.”


CARRIE. All the pig’s blood! And the line ‘they’re all gonna laugh at you!’ Perfect for an empowering laugh (scream. cringe. cry.) Enough said.”


“The original NIGHT OF THE DEMONS without a doubt. It’s the perfect popcorn movie with the right amount of screams, and the right amount of cheesiness. It’s the kind of horror movie that’s more enjoyable when watched with a group of friends.”


“Hard to pick just one, but for a little bit of relief from the scary?  BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON.  This movie not only has some legitimately good scares, it’s also hysterical.  It plays with all the horror movie tropes in all the best ways.”


“I’d pick THE CHANGELING (1980). It’s one of those old creepy ones that is so campy and creepy that we’d spend half our time being terrified and half our time laughing and making fun of the special effects. (Is a tiny wheelchair mowing people down hilarious to anyone else?)”


THE WATCHER IN THE WOODS. I didn’t know I was in for a horror movie the first time I rented it at all of, oh, nine years old, and spent most of the film peeking through my fingers. Which meant, of course, I rented it again and again over the years. Strange floating symbols in the woods, a blindfolded girl reaching for help, Bette Davis being tragically creepy, oh my yes.”


EVIL DEAD II! There are just so many quotable lines, and the influence on other horror movies is fun to spot. The blend of humor and horror make it just so damn . . . groovy.”


“I would go with the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, because it has the crazy sense of truth to it, a documentary feel.  Plus it scared the crap out of me.”

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  1. The Changeling is one of my favorite spooky movies. Grieving husband and father moves into a haunted house? Yes, please. The hair still rises on my arms when they listen to the tape of the seance. *whispers ‘Joseph’*

  2. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane is creepy and campy. The all-time scariest movie for me though is the original 1963 version of The Haunting.

  3. I’m going to crash this slumber party, but unlike your crappy li’l brother or the boys from your school, I’m bringing some flicks with me. And popcorn. And I promise to leave before the defibrillator scene from The Thing. Cuz there’s NO WAY I’m letting you see my reaction to those hellish 3 minutes.


    Let me offer you Sleepaway Camp. Because every good slumber party (or sleepover) needs a mindless slasher flick, and the ending of this bad mamba jamba is gangbusters!

    Looking for something a bit more literary? More gothic? Roger Corman’s Masque of the Red Death, it is! Simply put, this is a gorgeous movie with some genuinely creepy moments and a killer climax! Vincent Price’s finest role…at least, until Theatre of Blood…

    Rounding things out, since Hillary brought the brilliant Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon, I’ll going to follow that secret theme (brilliant movies that were mistreated by their studio) and hit you all with Trick ‘R Treat. It is the best anthology movie of the last 10 – 15 years. How this film, with the cast it boasted (Brian Cox, Leslie Bibb, Anna Paquin, among others…), never got the theater release it deserved is beyond me. Enjoy!

    (Quick aside before I leave you to your pizzas: Night Of The Demons is a HUGE guilty pleasure for me! Linnea Quigley was a big-time crush when I was catching my weeked horror on USA Up All Night and the local mom ‘n’ pop video store, and the lipstick scene…well, even the mention of “lipstick scene” is enough to make me shudder.

    Great film selections, all!!!

  4. Sorry, I’m a little late.

    Whenever I see The Funhouse (1981) is going to be on TV, I gotta watch it. It’s totally cheesy, and you could rip apart the movie in so many ways, but it’s still worth the watch.


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