SCREAM QUEEN: Trisha Leaver

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Let’s see…I live in a dark, historical mansion surrounded by a rusted-out iron gate and shrouded by dead willow trees. In my spare time, I dismember china dolls and tenderly care from my flock of ravens. Yeah… no. Sorry, but I actually live a pretty boring, pretty normal life in the hell I like to refer to as Suburbia. Three kids, one husband, and a rather defiant black lab. My debut Psychological Horror, CREED, (co-authored) will release in the Fall of 2014 with Flux. In addition to horror, I write dark, realistic contemporary. My debut YA Contemporary, SECRETS SISTERS KEEP, will hit the shelves in the winter of 2015 with FSG/Macmillan

Why horror?

I was deathly afraid of the dark when I was a kid, used to check under the bed and refused to sleep without the hall light on. My older brother used to tease me, say that it wasn’t the monsters under the bed that I should be afraid of, but the ones hiding in the closet. We were stupid, bickering kids back then, but years later, with a lifetime of experiences behind me, I finally got what he meant.

There are no paranormal elements in my manuscripts.  Not because I don’t love a good fanged monster, but because I believe the darkness that surrounds us everyday is scarier than any paranormal creature Hollywood could dream up.  It’s the evil that lingers within a chosen few, their dark past and tortured existences, that I try to capture. What can I say…I like to explore the darker side of humanity.

What horror scene stayed with you and why?

Carol Anne…go into the light” Hence the reason I slept with the hall lights on instead of my closet light!

Are there any horror projects you’re looking forward to?

I am dying to see the film re-make of CARRIE, but then again, who isn’t? On the literary front, I am absolutely dying to get my hands on AFTER THE WOODS by Kim Savage.

Are you writing horror currently or will you be?

My next Ya Horror Project is a co-authored, historical piece centered around a local murder that happened in the late 1800’s. Although the concept and manuscript are currently kept under lock and key, I can tell you that it has been appropriately titled SWEET MADNESS

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  1. I totally get what you mean about exploring the dark side of human psychology. It’s hard to go there as a writer, but when you do, it makes the story all that much more sinister!

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